Friday, 31 May 2013

Confinement Recipe: Papaya Milk Dessert

Confinement is a rest, relax and rejuvenate period for me. Sometimes after breastfeeding and feeling both peckish and thirsty in the late afternoon before meal time, I love a healthy dessert to tie me over without piling on the pounds.

This simple and tasty dessert is also a cure for constipation and helps in increasing breast milk supply.

1 whole ripe papaya
1tbsp rock sugar
250ml milk
Small slice of ginger, if baby has no jaundice.

Wash papaya and pat dry.
Cut off top part of papaya to use as a "pot lid".
Decore papaya to remove seeds, empty papaya will look like a "pot".
Cut the bottom of papaya so that the "pot" can "stand" on its own.

Pour ginger, rock sugar and milk into the "papaya pot" and close "pot lid".
Place onto a plate or bowl to fit steamer.
Steam for 45 minutes.
Serve hot.

Tip: If in a rush, skin and cube the papaya then place all ingredients into a bowl that can fit into steamer.

Bon appetit!


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