Thursday, 9 May 2013

Second Pregnancy: Week 33

Check up date was on 8 May 2013. The Little Girl came along as it was a late afternoon appointment.
There was a landslide at Bukit Tunku onto Jalan Mahameru which caused a massive traffic diversion and jam in the morning. Black Wednesday gathering at Kelana Jaya Stadium had been confirmed for that evening at 8.30 pm so you can imagine the amount of "let's not get caught in traffic jam" planning that went into the first half of our day...
We thank Allah for making the day as smooth as possible. We couldn't possibly have asked for more. Shukran!
Good news: The Little Bean is growing well, Alhamdulillah!
The Little Girl asked the doctor upon seeing the scan image, "Where is Adik's hair?" to which the doctor laughed and replied, "Sayang, it will grow, don't worry! You will see some when Adik is born." Priceless!
We also checked if The Little Bean's head is engaged or otherwise. During the check up, it was not. Just head on down to my right. Phew!
Looks like The Little Bean is going to be handsome look a lot like The Other Half.
Not so good news: Purple veins on my lower abdomen despite the regimented application of sweet almond oil. The kind doctor said it stems from heavy weight of both the pregnancy and carrying The Little Girl (The Little Girl can now negotiate for 3 seconds carry carry). At the end of the appointment, Dr. Seri sat down with The Little Girl to explain that Mummy cannot carry her but Daddy can. The Little Girl fawned the most pitiful hazel eyes at Dr. Seri. It was one of those moments you can tell she is trying to melt the doctor's heart...and trying to change that "no-carry-carry-rule".
When asked about my Braxton-Hicks: my answer was that I have gotten used to them. If it gets too strong, I shift my position/drink some water/walk around/do an interval timing while resting. Anything more than 10 minutes apart in one hour is not worrisome. That said, I asked Dr. Seri how close she lives to Prince Court Medical Centre. After finding out the answer, I was quite assured of her usual record of timely response in case of an emergency.
My backache is also almost gone from having less stress, more lie down, back massages from The Other Half and light stretching. Pacing is important so I do not overload myself with groceries, shopping, house chores, laundry and cooking. I do what I can in piecemeal. I let slip what can wait. I delegate whatever possible.
With all that concluded, we set our next appointment at Week 36. Everyone is praying that The Little Bean will grow safely/healthily and stay put until the next appointment at the very minimum!
Measurements taken by Dr. Seri on 08.05.2013:
BPD: 8.09 cm (was 7.72 cm)
Head Circumference: 28.43 cm (was 27.63 cm)
Abdominal Circumference: 28.30 cm (was 25.07 cm)
Femur Length: 6.71 cm (5.49 cm)
Estimated Fetal Weight: 2.1 kg (was 1.4 kg)


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