Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Second Pregnancy: Confinement Food Recipes

Stumbled upon "Falling in Love with Confinement" by Peiling Goh at Kinokuniya yesterday. Retails for RM46.00. See also

I got myself a copy and after flipping through a few pages, I am loving the recipes. Excited enough to share my thoughts here after trying out a few simple dishes (omitted those with black fungus and mushrooms so as not to trigger more contractions).

Note: Mine is a bilingual copy - very handy as The Other Half and I can then read the English version while my confinement helper can read the Mandarin version. Literally, we are on the same page, pun intended.

The healing food and drink recipes are so delicious looking I am looking forward to testing the safe ones now and wait for the rest during confinement. I like how it is a practical handbook, simple enough for The Other Half to follow on days when we are on our own.

Here's finally looking forward to confinement positively/not dread the lack of support network/avoiding limited food and drink choices/having to explain every single recipe that I have used before at every single meal preparation.

Caveat: I cross refer all ingredients with Halal & Haram, The Prohibited & The Permitted Foods & Drinks According to Jewish, Christian & Muslim Scriptures by Muhammad Umar Chand.

Syukur Alhamdulillah!


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