Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dental Care

Bean has 4 teeth. Bean gets his teeth cleaned during his evening routine bath with the Banana Toothbrush. His paed is pleased as a plum that he has teeth and that some maintenance and oral hygiene care are bring employed to ensure he doesn't get any cavities as Bean now eats a fair bit.

During daytime when we happen to be out and about, he gets a wipe after meals. We were cautious at first, fearing that he would vomit his entire belly content up. However, the verbal caution of, "Let's clean your teeth. Oh, what a big  boy you are now with 4 teeth!", seems to work in our favour.

He has been willing to co-operate, thank God!

Yes, one more item to add to the diaper has evolved over the last few months to accommodate the growing needs of a young man! Books, toys, staples, food and water...but I digress. Pardon my randomness!

So, I tried the wipes on my own teeth before applying them to him as trial run. I smiled a very "fresh, just ate some grapes and smell like a baby" smile!

Now, what puzzles me is how do I clean his teeth after his direct latch feeds. The young man is asleep and I don't want to wake him up. Like duh! Sleeping through the night is like Mercy from Allah to tired parents like The Other Half and I.

How do you keep the pearly whites of your little bub clean? Do share!


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