Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Gratitude: Social Media Fasting

My birthday gift to myself this year.
And it is free, but highly valuable.
Time. Alone time. Down time. Recharge time. Dream time. Do nothing time.
Brief, and already the benefits are immensely felt. It is a continuous purifying exercise for my mind and soul. What started as device-free weekend quickly escalated into social media fasting.
The hours seemed to pass by more slowly, the laughter from my growing children seemed amplified. Counter productive tasks felt less despair provoking. Practising a new headscarf style seemed less tedious.
It is shocking how much I miss spending time with myself.
Admittedly, with lesser antagonising material input into my brains, the burden I have been feeling somehow just lifted. The return to iqra, fardhu ain classes and solat are too beneficial to enumerate here. It is not a big surprise how much I miss "talking" to Allah s.w.t.
Try it, and experience this immeasurable gift to yourself. I acknowledge rationing too little fodder for my soul, and that is surely changing. 
One step at a time.
In sha Allah.




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