Friday, 25 April 2014


Spring cleaning and organising stuffs to increase efficiency seems to be my "hobby".

This week, some serious amount of clothes hangers found a new home.

The photo above is half of the amount I needed and purchased. Yes, I counted before carting them home.

Removed the labels and stickers, washed and dried them. Meticulously checked for defects. None!

Sorted my head scarves.

Sorted my traditional wear. The brown bag on the left is how I keep my hair dryer tidy after every use. Good for child proofing as it is put away beyond reach of the little ones.

Sorted out my stay at home clothes. Not to be worn outside without a cardigan/outerwear.

Even The Other Half's wardrobe got my OCD touch now, of which he had expressed his gratitude.

I can be borderline OCD by placing my fingers to divide space between each hanger equally.

Which results in this:

Oh, never mind me. 

I am so happy with this little project! The Other Half is such a lucky man that I am so easy to please.


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