Wednesday, 23 April 2014


The Little Girl used to suffer from cow milk protein allergy which manifested in eczema. 

Ego Skin Cream kept her eczema spots moisturised and healed her rashes. We usually rub a thin film onto her dry flaky skin right after bathing her in almond shower oil from L'occitane.

Occasionally in her sleep, she had scratched on the itch so we dabbed a little calamine lotion on to take the edge off.

Wished I could have put mittens on my kitten on some nights but she had clever ways of throwing them off!

I know the agony of having to explain eczema to well-meaning strangers, neighbours and friends over and over again but sometimes taking an advice from survivors who beat this helps. 

In our case, it was a mix of the weekly sea salt bath for her and cutting down/out the allergens in my diet while I was breastfeeding her.

We had agreed to a blood test when she was 7 months old and the "culprits" were egg-white and cow's milk. Needless to say, my diet changed nearly overnight. I tried my best but it was so difficult not to be able to include those into my diet.

Miraculously, her allergies reduced when she turned 30 months old, much to my delight!

If your child has eczema, please do not give up just yet. Keep trying to find a solution that works for you and your beloved little one.

Happy healing!


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