Friday, 25 April 2014

My Little Man

Bean is 10 months old now. I still cannot believe how fast he is growing. 

Here is what his favourite food looks like at the moment:

Chopped organic carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnip, broccoli stem, potatoes with soup pasta.

Bean also loves a cous cous salad with some sweet bananas!

Brown rice, quinoa and butternut squash,  when I have to rush his evening meal preparation without compromise to his nutrition.

He can chew and swallow quite well now but is not overly keen in feeding himself despite our baby led weaning. As long as he eats, we are only too happy to feed him. Indulgent, I agree. He has his while life ahead to feed himself so I am not fussed.

On a different but similar note, Here is a good cheat sheet for cooking vegetables that I stumbled upon:

Happy cooking! May all your meals be nutritious, tasty and full of blessings!


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