Saturday, 31 May 2014

A Deux

The Little Girl had been playing up at piano lessons. Pun intended.

Today, we hit a breakthrough by coincidence. She was playing up and excusing herself from class the minute she walked in, citing that she needed the toilet first.

So I yanked her off the studio and told her off while she went for some relief. 

As we were about to exit the washroom, we bumped into the administrator from the music school.

The administrator then suggested that I leave her alone with the teacher, and I need to decompress (totally agree!). She assured me that The Little Girl would be safe. 

So off I went to try on some palazzo pants at Zara. Disappointingly, they didn't have my XS size but had plenty of other attractive items I was not planning to buy. I walked out from Zara empty handed but satisfied. Weird.

Then, I thought I had a few more minutes to spare and went to purchase a hot mocha for myself at Starbucks. I even bought The Little Girl her orange juice for an after class treat!

Subsequently, I went back to the studio at 5 minutes before class ended. The teacher commented that The Little Girl was much better without my presence. She played Mary Had A Little Lamb; both treble and bass! 

Couldn't be more pleased. 

Alhamdulillah, and in sha Allah more independent lessons coming our way! Can you tell I am just excited to have some time to myself? Just me? 

Have a blessed weekend!


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