Sunday, 19 October 2014

16 Months

Bean turns 16 months today.

He has cut a new left hand side upper pramolar to mark this special occasion, bringing his total pearly whites to 15.

Today, he insisted on cleaning the floor using our Kao Magic Dry Mop. It was the cutest sight to me. 

Whenever we sit at the piano to tinker a tune or two, he requests for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by gesturing with his 10 fingers. Open. Close. Open. Close. When I play him his favourite tune, he chuckles with glee and has recently shown interest in playing piano using the "one finger" method. He knows to press the same key twice for this familiar song.

His animal-sound-association is improving as we sing Old MacDonald reinforced with picture book. He is now able to say "baa baa" when he sees a drawing/picture/photograph of sheep. 

He describes the rest with pointer finger and a grunt. So manly, yes?! We are not fretting over his speech as he has been calling us (respectively at the correct person), "dada", "mama", "kakak", "Gan dad" and "Gan ma". No rush with speech.

As a parent, I am proud of his motor skills like walking (can even reverse!), running and climbing down the sofa/bed using the "touch tummy to sofa/bed, feet first method".

If there is one thing he doesn't do very much, it is outdoor playground - all credit and glory to haze for this, unfortunately. 

His favourite toys are Lego Duplo, balls, vehicles with wheels, musical instruments, basic puzzles, his sister's dolls house and kitchen, his tool table and soft toys. When we visit at the local mall, he knows to point at rides and grunts/screams until we let him ride on one. Or two. Or more!

Books keep him busy. Eric Carle, Julia Donaldson, Beatrix Potter and Laura Wall are some of his current favourite authors. He would pick a book then plonks himself onto my lap for story time. 

His appetite is normal for someone his age. Egg yolk is not his favourite food, so I would usually scramble his eggs to ensure he consumes the whole egg. It would seem he eats better than The Little Girl, who is an average eater, but both are big fans of fruits and vegetables.

He is still being breastfed. He keeps a routine of morning feed before waking up, afternoon before his nap, and evening before sleeping. He is fed on demand throughout the night on a 3 or 4 hourly pattern.

His use of the sippy cup is works-in-progress. Occasionally, he chokes from the fast flow. Once, he threw up his just eaten snack from the gag reflex. Poor boy and poor Mummy who were both covered in "cookie batter" grime and saliva!

His pincer grip and general grip is decent enough to self-feed cut fruits and vegetables. We are slowly introducing spoon and spork. 

Increasingly, his interest is in carrying out out tasks with two instructions/action. For example, "please take this school bag and hand it to Kakak", or "sit here and read your book". He knows to "wait", "stop" and "come here". I love "kiss Mummy" and "cuddle Mummy" because he would press both my cheeks, kisses me on my lips and sometimes even wrap his arms around my neck.

The sound of pitter patter footsteps as he runs to greet me melts me. Arms high up in the air, huge grin on his cheeky face, sparkle in his eyes and the warmest cuddle be mine when I lift him up. Especially sweet of him to greet me this way when I return from school run.

I forget about my broken sleep, and my fatigue gets erased easily with his unconditional love. 

Bless! Happy 16th month, Bean.


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