Tuesday, 28 October 2014


No, I am NOT pregnant.

Work is so stressful lately I feel nauseated whenever more work related email comes into my inbox. 

The last time I felt this insurmountable  stress was 2002 when I was serving my pupillage! The gloom and doom, uncertainty, insecurity, anxiety...expectations...

How do you cope with such stress? Do you network and look for solutions amongst peers? Do you have a reliable mentor to fall back on for counsel?

Quitting is not an option in my it  looks like I will just have to persevere until I find solutions to those matters. In my line of practice, experience counts  equally as much if not more than knowledge. Right now, I could use some extra dose of both.

Staying-at-home and dealing with kids then working-from-home and still dealing with kids, I admit, has weakened my work-related skills, accuracy and acumen after 61 months.

Whilst it can be tough to focus on drafting documents with background noise and putting the pairs of eyes behind my head on full alert in case Bean bumps or falls, those are not excuses acceptable to my paymaster. The sooner I find my mojo, the better.

The silver lining is that I turn to Him for answers, and strength to carry on. May Allah swt shower answers, wisdom and blessings my way, Amin!

As well as this drawing by The Little Girl as motivation:

I can do this! I have to.


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