Friday, 25 September 2015

Snippets: Wobbly Jellyfish and Octopus

Girl noticed that some of her new classmates have not been enjoying school as much as she herself does.

One morning, during school run, we discussed it. Yes, Girl is mature enough to discuss now! Bless.

"Can you remember the story of Wobbly Jellyfish, baby? The part where Octopus came to join the new class and Teacher chose Wobbly Jellyfish to help settle Octopus in?", I asked.

"Yes, Mummy!", came her enthusiastic reply. 

"Good, can you be Wobbly Jellyfish and I choose you to help H settle in? She can be Octopus for now?", I requested gingerly.

"Alright! I can show her where to wash her hands, hang her coat, eat her lunch and play too! I can be Wobbly Jellyfish!", she was almost ready to burst into action right away.

Off she went to school and kept a lookout for H. She promised to have a nice day too, how sweet.

I hope she kept her role/promise!


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