Sunday, 20 September 2015

Spring Clean: Wardrobe

I love the high I feel after a good spring clean. I spent 10 minutes this morning, putting away a few blouses, skirts, scarves and blouse inners that I no longer wear.

Yes, 10 minutes was all I had and I ended up donating 2 bags full of clean clothes of good wear quality. I value closet real estate and once I feel it is on the brink of bulge, I purge the items.

Yesterday, I spent 10 minutes spring cleaning our shoe cabinet and donated a few pairs of the children's outsized StrideRite and Clarks. At least now I know which pair exactly to upsize during sale.

They grow faster than they can wear those shoes, I kid you not. One brand new pair of ballerina flats Girl tried on and purchased just yesterday at Res Toe Run ended up in the donation bin today because she woke up this morning and said those lovely toes of hers have grown longer. And it is true! I tear my own hair out over this RM139 overnight growth spurt.

(Her Sprout on bottom right also made visible progress so I guess she is growing  overnight!)

Despite that costly incident, I love these pockets of effective and efficient 10 minutes so much. It leaves the entire flat with good, fresh, positive energy.

I have a good feeling the art and craft supplies drawers are going to be next. 

How often do you spring clean, my lovelies? Please do share!


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