Saturday, 5 October 2013

Air Zam Zam

I believe in miracles. I believe in Allah's power to heal and cure.

I drink air zam zam so that Bean can benefit from it. The Little Girl gets hers via a cup with her meals. The Other Half drinks it for overall well-being. We share them with the needy, especially.

A very kind cousin sister in law got me a bottle in my third trimester to drink and alhamdulillah the labour and delivery went smoothly. In fact, in between pushes during delivery my obgyn had asked me to drink some. 

We are very blessed that we have found a booth at the SACC Mall that sells every 500ml bottle for RM10 (the price is to cover the cost of transportation only). You may find the booth on the first floor near the concourse air well.

If we can pay for Evian, why not pay for air zam zam? The benefits are endless!

Do you practice this too? How often should we drink it? Do you know of any specific supplications before drinking air zam zam?

Do share!


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