Friday, 4 October 2013

Spring Cleaning Mania

I have reclaimed about 60% of the utilities room.
Bags and bags of unused toys from gazillions of play school birthday parties, clothes for 24 to 36 month old girl, my pregnancy clothes, my confinement clothes, my nursing tops (that weren't too practical) and my size UK6 pre-pregnancy clothes have all finally left our home.
To a much better place of a few deserving new owners.
I pray that my former cleaning lady's grand-daughter will find hours of joy playing with those toys, and wearing those pretty clothes.
I pray that her daughters will find my clothes ranging from size UK6 to UK18 comfortable and wear them in good health.
Now, on to IKEA for more organising shelves etc.
On second thoughts, I will wait till Monday when the weekend madding crowd is not there.
*sigh of relief*


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