Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tefal Food Steamer

One of the kitchen toys I play with very often is the steamer. 

Chocolate lava muffins.

Yoghurt muffins.

Berry compote.

Salmon with wolfberries, tofu and broccoli - the breastmilk-producing meal I eat quite often. Have to re-think salmon now following Fukushima.

I have not captured the many other foods I have been making in the steamer, maybe I will the next time they come up on the menu rotation.

Easy to wash steam baskets, dishwasher friendly, tried and tested recipe cards, adjustable timer, auto timer for regular recipes (fish, vegetables, cakes etc), and affordable. Definitely strikes all the right cords with a busy mother like myself!

I just have to remind myself to be more careful when handling hot steam!

Do you steam your food too? Do share your delicious recipes!


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