Saturday, 19 October 2013

Positive Disciplining

The Other Half, Bean and I attended a workshop on positive disciplining from 9.30 am to 5 pm the day Bean turned 4 months.

Bean is, of course, the youngest participant at the workshop. He slept, nursed, burped, got changed and played throughout the time we spent at the play school hall role playing, discussing, sharing experience and trouble shooting behavioural issues of his elder sister and her peers.

It was organised by the play school The Little Girl attends. The session shed light on some of the power struggle areas, ways to recognise and resolve trouble areas and alternative resolutions available for long term implementation at home.

So we now know for sure that Bean is a very cute threat to his elder sister! She has been acting out because she craves attention, needs to be heard, wants to matter and belong etc. in short, sibling rivalry.

By the way, the thinking chair and physical disciplining do not work as many studies have shown. 

If you are keen to know more, go to or look up Andrea Mayrhofer.

Awesome, awesome parenting and living skills to have! Alhamdulillah we were given this opportunity to participate.

When I first received the email from the play school, I not only had to arrange for my MIL to watch The Little Girl and coax The Other Half to sign up, I also had to make sure that the workshop speaker allows for Bean to come along. Alhamdulillah everything worked out and Allah truly answered my prayers.

Kudos to The Other Half as well. He is one of the 2 fathers in the workshop, and we were the only complete set of parents who signed up amongst all the teachers, care givers and parents group.

Now, off I go to sleep. It has been a very long, productive day and night! The dialogue between The Other Half and I had been so lively my frontal brains are quite overloaded, over-stimulated and in need of some winding down...

Do share if you have similar experience in trying to equip yourself with parenting skills! Which speaker did you meet? How did it help? Are you satisfied with its long term implementation and results?

Night night!

An update after 2 days of applying our new skills: improvement in trouble-shooting, prevention of escalation of tantrum, lesser use of borderline abusive words and actions, quicker offer of corrective solution and attention. Phew!!


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