Friday, 4 October 2013

How Much Milk Is He Drinking?

I have been directly breastfeeding Bean since Day 44. I seriously do not know how much milk he is drinking. As in how many oz/ml per 24 hours. Ask me this back in 2010 and I would have been scared and unsure.
However, not this time. I am a little more sure of myself and arm myself with the confidence that Allah is The Sustainer. (Drinking enough water and eating well help too, duh!)
I know that he has more than 6 wet diapers per day, and 1 dirty diaper per day. That is comforting but every baby is different.
He nurses on demand, and he feeds during my breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper, mimicking our family meal times.
He is thriving, gaining weight and height.
He is sleeping well, Alhamdulillah.
If you are a first time mum who is feeding directly, BRAVO! If you are expressing, BRAVO!
If you are faced with naysayers who doubt your ability to feed your baby the best milk there is, soldier on! Do not let their doubts and insecurities poison your mind, heart and soul. Take ownership of your commitment.
My prayer for you is that you remain strong and true to your committed and perhaps a more polite answer than what I have just said above may come in handy *grin*.
Oh, and turn off your follow/like to certain online social media groups that purportedly supports breastfeeding but ends up otherwise will help too. Plus, you will get more sleep!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I was confident with my breastmilk .my baby takes it on demand .but I started to pump 4 days ago to stock up for future times as I will start working soon . the yield is not good ,I get 1 oz at most per session , and at best 4 oz after 4 double pumping make matters worse ,I have my period today and my baby is not even two months old yet ! it's stressing me out and im so scared that my breastmilk will diminish soon .I dont know what I did wrong ...and I dont know how to help myself :(

  2. Hi Miss Ectopy,
    Do not fret, Allah s.w.t. is The Ultimate Sustainer. Which breast pump are you using? Can you set the expression pace to suit your comfort and flow level? I use(d) Avent and Alhamdulillah it works.

    Massaging your breasts during warm shower before pumping, drinking some warm liquid (before, during and after pumping) and staying relaxed may help. I used to watch guilty pleasure episodes of my favourite drama to help me relax.

    Being away from distractions (like arrival of the postman with parcel of online shopping) or have someone watch your precious bub may also ease your anxiety.

    Breast milk will not diminish overnight. Keep the baby suckling for his feed and pump during the non-feeding hours.

    There is no right or wrong, and you CAN help yourself to deliver the best for your precious bub. Pray for rezeki susu baby, and keep me posted of your journey!

    Rest well! Feeding and pumping during menstruation is tough. Hydration is key. I have some entries filed under cooking and confinement for drinks that you may like to try. Fenugreek and Manuka honey remain my favourite go to for staying hydrated. Water of at least 2L on some days, soups and juice count too.

    I was about to blog about foods to avoid (decreases breast milk supply) and you can look it up online too. They include peppermint, and parsley (my favourites but unfortunately not when having to keep up with Bean's growth spurts).

    I almost khatam your blog too! Your direct approach keeps me coming back for more. So addictive!

    Stay positive, and happy pumping!