Monday, 14 September 2015

Discretionary Attendance

We returned to The Big School today for a new academic year. 

The Principal issued a note for parents to continue to send their children to school, or keep their children at home. We chose the latter. Better safe than sorry. 

All outdoor activities have been suspended until the air quality returns to normal. Girl was feeling sad about the lack of swimming lessons, but she understands why they were suspended. 

It got a bit tougher enforcing "indoor only" policy with Bean but since he has learnt the word "hazy" and point to the smog outside, things have been getting easier. But he forgets every once in a while and asks for "walkies" again. It broke my heart when that happened.

Face mask is sold out in some places (the shops will try to sell surgical masks to make a quick-buck), drinking lots of water is a must. We are enjoying a fruits and vegetables diet at home.

Fortunately, we have 3 units of air-ioniser/purifier and 1 unit of Rainbow on even when sleeping to maintain clean air indoors. By design, our windows and doors seal tightly, and we have no slate windows. You can tell we are used to living and putting up with the haze, right? This is so wrong. We should not have to.

How do you cope with your children indoor-bound for long periods, my lovelies? Please do share!


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