Saturday, 12 September 2015

Concert, Encore

It has been some time since I recorded Girl's musical journey at Yamaha. JMC Level 2 is coming to an end by celebrating a class concert with after-concert party this month end. Yay!!

The hardest part of this level for us has been the consistent absence of 2 sets of parents of 2 of her classmates since commencement. Both mothers have delegated supervision to one of the elder daughters and sometimes a maid who could not have been more disinterested in music (I do not fault the maid, I just feel the two mothers should be more accountable). Sometimes, young toddlers were brought into class and the helpless maid had to care for all 5-6 children.

What do these missing mums do?

They have been seen countless times  sipping coffee, shopping, having a manicure or pedicure etc.!

When I did politely suggest they come to class during a casual social exchange, they plainly said they were busy. 


Luckily for us, our music teacher is very passionate and understanding; which helped see the rest of us through this hardship and let the music live on. There are at least 4 other sets of parent-child who enjoy lessons as much as we do, fortunately! The support is wonderful, SubhanAllah!

The teacher had also conveyed several messages requesting the presence of these two repeat absentee mums. She tried her level best to contain her unsupervised students from too much monkey-ing around. The students seem to just continue ignoring her instructions, talking when the teacher was explaining the lessons etc. it has been quite a zoo of late especially when they tinker non-stop at the keyboard despite repeated warnings. 

I feel sorry for the teacher because all the other parents can see she is trying her best to deliver lessons without too much disruption. It must be tough to be in her shoes.

Mostly, I feel sorry for the students with absentee mums as they need all the loving guidance, care and attention; at least during lessons. 

Caution: Do not sign up for Yamaha JMC unless you have an adult who can commit to sit in the class and help your child both during class and at home. It is plain nuisance and unnecessary distraction to other classmates if you lack commitment and start slacking even with basic courtesy. Be a good fellow-classmate and neighbour. 

Think twice, be nice.


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