Sunday, 20 September 2015

School Gate Fashion

Which is your go-to school gate fashion item, my lovelies?

Do you wear FitFlops, or Varina? Do you don an instant scarf over an abaya, or shorts with tank? Is there a dress code at school that you have to obey?

Girl started going to The Playschool when she was 23 months and I have been improvising on my school gate fashion whenever my budget, time and online shopping opportunities permit since then. 

Work-in-progress, I am.

I started with the basic long sleeved top, jeans, FitFlops, instant bibik headscarf and a handbag. In fact, I still wear this on days when I rush or haven't had time to properly iron my outfit. It is the laziest outfit I know of. The danger is that this can quickly become the complacent uniform and spirals downhill. 

I know because I have been there. The mummy-in-jeans who can handle anything from spills to school bags to vomit to separation anxiety tears; and still be able to cook, clean and have a relationship with the husband.

The best part is when other mums do not judge because they are quite often in the same uniform performing the same duties. I guess only our Chanel Girl and Bangsar Village Grocer's woven bags are what differentiates us. Still, no judgment. At least where The Playschool is.

Then along came Bean. He loves pulling out the pins on my headscarves so Bokitta is my life-saver. I admire the brooches I collect/own, and will someday wear them, InshaAllah. 

In trying to look like I put some effort into dressing up at 6.30am, I have added some jubah and skirt with blouse options to my wardrobe but I confess the comfort of belted tailored pants with a pretty blouse and Bokitta in my haste and tropical humidity. The ever loyal pair of sunglasses hide all my other flaws so glamorously, beat that!

The eye brow pencil, face and hand sunscreen, powder and tinted lip sunblock remain my speedy buddies.

The exception to the above probably fall on official days like Concert Day or Sports Day.

Please suggest more resources and ideas for school gate fashion, my lovelies! It is high-time for a glam revamp.


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