Friday, 11 September 2015

Orientation Day

The Little Girl recently expressed her request to be named as "Girl" in this blog henceforth, as she is no longer "little" by her standards. 

This wish, I can grant. 

Today is Orientation Day at The Big School and she knows many new and younger children (or ducklings, as she fondly refers to them) are coming to join The Big School, which is why she is no longer little. 

One of them is a duckling whose father is my former colleague at NatOilCo. Respective grandfathers used to work at NatOilCo very closely together too. It is nice to have another succession of sorts (and yes, Kuala Lumpur is a small city separated by less than 6 degrees, in my experience).

There are also some elder students who have recently switched from other schools to come and join us. Hopefully the rigour will not wear them out or frighten them too soon. Like someone wise mentioned, "This is not everyone's cup of tea." 

So here goes her shout-out:

"Welcome to The Big School, ducklings!"

Girl then added cheekily, "Hope you love school!"

[It has been only 9 months ago she was the duckling, and someone else was doing the welcome shout-out!]


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