Friday, 26 July 2013

Milk Factory

Bean is 37 days old now. Drinks 100ml every 2 hours on average. Total per day is 1.2 litres.

Hampshire Mummy Milk Factory is pumping every 8 hours with yield of 300ml per session. Total per day is 900ml.

Simple math: Deficit of 300ml.

Obviously pumping intervals need to be changed to every 6 hours to allow for adjustment to meet demand.

Hopefully increment can be achieved in 2 days.

There is an emergency stash of frozen EBM and formula but let's just be positive for now.

Red date tea and Manuka honey with fenugreek reinforcement in place. Armed with faith that Allah s.w.t. is The Sustainer. 

Feeding Bean (on demand) directly results in less colic, with same amount/duration of sleep. Awesome! 
Best part about direct latch: No washing/sterilising of the breastpump and bottles. My sensitive and dry hands really appreciate the break.
Downside of direct latch: I am not able to step away from Bean for too long during my much needed manicure/pedicure/haircut/facial appointments. I arrange appointments and treatment time around his feed. I frequent places that are breastfeeding friendly, even if they cost slightly more than places that do not. Priorities!
Oh well, win some, lose some. As long as everyone is happy and Bean is thriving, I'd keep trying my best.


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