Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Reality Check

When The Grandparents return to The House this Friday, we will:

1. Have to care for The Little Girl after school; and

2.  Cook our own meals for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Plus all the snacks in between.

In conclusion, our reality as a family of four will start.

I am slightly petrified.

Will I be able to handle it all?

Will my two adorable but high maintenance munchkins not demand my attention at the same time?

Why on earth does this transitional phase have to clash with The Little Girl's potty training? 

Keep me in your prayers. I will be needing them!

In the meantime, the weekly pre-planned meals and chores roster will return to ease our transition period between now and end of confinement.

Looking forward to 3 August 2013 - end of 44 days, return to normalcy, in sha Allah. What is even more exciting would be the arrival of The Lloyds from Yorkshire for Eid!


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