Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Blessed Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends and readers! May Allah accept our fast, prayers and ibadah, forgive us our sins and bless us with more goodness, Amin!
I have paid my fidyah online, and so can you if you had forgotten/been too busy. It is never too late as long as your niat/intention is steadfast.
As for my non-Muslim friends and readers, enjoy the buffet spread (Groupon deals aplenty!) and be patient on the road.
Kindly note that some offices downtown KLCC start at 7.30 am and shut at 4.30 pm to allow for normal transactions to continue alongside adjusted prayer and meal times. Plan your day/month wisely.
Note: I am serving out my nifas, and breastfeeding so I am "excused" from fasting during this period. I will have to make up for the missed fasts and pay fidyah to feed the poor for every single day that I miss my fast. In sha Allah.


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