Sunday, 3 November 2013

Avocado on Toast

Amazing yield of breastmilk, Allah s.w.t. is really Great!

Here is a really simple and fast snack if you have no time to make guacamole.

Slice ripe avocado and place onto toast. Place another piece of toast and press firmly. Eat immediately. Sorry, I ate so quickly that I forgot to snap a photo for you.

well, drink something warm after that too, then feel the amazing let-down and fully refilled breasts all ready for the next feed!

Bon appetit!

Note: green avocado = unripe, dark green avocado = firm ripe, almost black avocado = soft ripe. 

The wonderfully creamy fruit can ripen on kitchen tops in a wire basket. You can easily halve the avocado, scoop out the stone with a spoon and peel the skin off when the fruit is ripe. Great replacement for butter on toast!
Please share your tips on how you serve up your avocado!


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