Sunday, 3 November 2013

iPad Withdrawal Syndrome

My 3.5 year old has this issue and we are trying to address it.

We told her that the iPad is spoilt and we won't be seeing it for a long time. A consistent white lie.

Honestly, it is my bad for having introduced it to her (so that I could cook dinner on some evenings). My bad too for downloading some of the best apps like Dr. Panda - highly educational but also highly additive!

On the bright side, she can solve puzzles, sort, match, process sequences etc. really well.

Embarrassingly, The Little Girl once touched the screen on our long haul MAS flight which was unfortunately not decked out in the latest touchscreen. She kind of lost her cool from disappointment and having to use an adult joy stick!

Lesson learnt: Bean is not going to get any iPad or Astro. Gotta be cruel to be kind, kiddo!

Wish me luck. I will report on this again when we have some "we" I mean to include all the other mummies of classmates at the playschool! In fact, The Other Half and I now observe device-free weekends, just to be more present. Try it and see how much time you regain!

Crossing fingers and toes, may Allah s.w.t. make this recovery easy for us. Amin!


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