Monday, 25 November 2013

Why We Chose Gymboree

We had the options of:

1. Tumble Tots; 
2. Kids Sports & Gym; or
3. Gymboree 

Why Option 1 didn't work out:
Old apparatus - the wooden beams were so 1990s. We were put off by dirty toys. By toys we mean Fisher-Price models we already have in abundance at home.
Lack of enthusiasm from staff escalated our decision making process, without having to look into the modules and programmes available. The outlet at Great Eastern Mall is now close.

Why Option 2 didn't work out:
The Little Girl was 14 months old when we searched for a weekly activity, and the  activities at Option 2 were tailored for slightly older toddlers and young children. When she turned 3, it became her favourite haunt every rainy Saturday morning, every play date, every other random reason. We suspect that the big pool of balls and high slides are exhilarating to a girl going-on 4 years old.

Why we chose Option 3:
It seemed like a happy place and the proprietor/franchise holder Jasmine was able to explain in detail the different stages for different age/month group. Milestones and achievements, enthusiastic staff, fairly clean apparatus, flexible time slots and reasonable fees all worked in our favour. Location was also not an issue for us, as Bangsar Village was and still is within our comfort zone. We ended up using all the play, art and music passes in about 9 months, just in time for her transition into play school.

Will we pick Gymboree for Bean? With the new apparatus recently replacing the old ones, and Jasmine remaining as enthusiastic about the programme, we may just consider it again, especially because The Little Girl keeps requesting for play dates at both the Bangsar Village and Publika outlets! Tropicana Mall outlet somehow does not appeal that much to her. She wants what the brother will get, how awesome is sibling rivalry?!

We'll see...

Do you have a play group that you would like to suggest? Please share!


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