Monday, 25 November 2013

How We Chose The Playschool

1. License for Taska and Tadika
We were not keen on institutions without license. Period.

2. Insurance
You never know when something may go wrong, so basic policies will cover at least the barest of exigencies like fire and third party injuries. Then pray very hard that nothing happens.

3. Security
Not just CCTV but English speaking Gurkha guards, access cards, camera and voice with autogate system, parent watch group and teacher/carer watchdog committee. Play schools that request for list of permissible persons to take child out from school is very important. Photo ID and NRIC details for parents, other members of family and drivers (if applicable) would be prudent to have.

4. Distance
Closest to home for short commute time,  short response time in case of emergencies and injuries, God forbid.

5. Programme, Approach and Method
Montessori with emphasis on respect to local cultures and multi faiths.

6. Weekly Menu
Halal food. Could not find one that would cater non-GMO, non-MSG, non-the-whole-she-bang-of-allergen but decent enough to exclude the usual suspects like nuts, salt, sugar, food colouring, strawberries. Good enough for us as the play school noted cow milk and egg white allergies The Little Girl used to suffer from, made notes and pasted the notice on the board so anyone who served her food and drinks were aware. The same applies to all the other children with various allergies.

7. Charitable Acts
The play school supports a Myanmar children home. Every Christmas, parents of the play school would donate school items, cash, story books and run the annual charity bazaar to raise funds.

8. Concert 
Not the Disney standard of production you would find with some schools; but realistically raw showcase of talents by those 18 to 60 months old. Annually, we purchase a professionally filmed DVD to fully enjoy and re-enjoy the concert. 

9. Sports Carnival
Sadly lacking in the plays school we chose, but daily outdoor play time when the weather is fine added with extra enrichment programmes of gym and Brazilian soccer more than makes up for it.

10. Culture
Melting pot of international cultures, customs, languages and faith. Exactly the sort of "United Nations" blend we were hoping for The Little Girl to experience and widen her horizon in her early childhood education.

11. Fees
Taboo topic for some parents. We chose what we could afford best given our budget, with some personal sacrifice for the pretty but frivolous indulgence in life. After all, early childhood education is important!

12. Hygiene
This is a no brainer! 

What are your criteria? Do share, especially if you have chosen a school for reception year onwards!


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