Monday, 3 March 2014

Continued Professional Training

In line with keeping myself as a work from home mother, I also attend continued professional training at least once a year for a couple of days to earn credit hours for Licensed Secretary license renewal.
This year, I hope to complete mine this March before the commencement of April holidays. Really hope to get this off my to-do list so that I can truly relax in the company of family.
The perks?
9 am - 5 pm x 2 days without the kids - this itself feels like a holiday already!
I know I am truly not ready to join full time workforce just as yet, and this is my way of keeping myself employable until I consider returning to work full time. Maybe. Maybe not. The Other Half and I just had a brief discussion that perhaps our calling is in building our mini masjid with our little ummah.
As for now, this is good enough. It is not much, but it is something. It is not everything, but it is important. Truly, loved ones are all that matter. Contentment comes from within and now I truly get that about me.
38, and I finally figured another small part of myself out.


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