Monday, 3 March 2014

The Crawling Baby

Bean is crawling everywhere at home now. Such a cute sight! I really cherish this milestone and try to remember these wonderful moments forever (resulting in not taking much photos, sadly).
How do I even begin to baby-proof the playroom full of toys suitable for above 3 years old for a 8 month old?
When The Little Girl is away at Playschool, it is just Bean and we can scan the room, put away small/sharp toys and organise the play somewhat. However, when The Little Girl is home and is playing, it is havoc! The playroom sometimes look like a storm just passed. With everything strewn all over in an evidently happy mess, it may be a hazard to the little crawler who also likes to explore texture and taste by putting the toys into his mouth.
Oh, the supplication of this mother just went a tad longer for Allah s.w.t. to keep the two little ones safe from harm, safe from each other. Amin!


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