Saturday, 22 March 2014

Yamaha U1

Let me let you in to one of our biggest secret (nah, the title gave it away):
We have a new member arriving at The Flat in time for The Little Girl's 4th grand birthday!
Yes, one that has a voice. An examination worthy voice. A voice that will hopefully complete an otherwise half-trodden musical journey of the parents in this household. The Other Half was not offered formal music lessons (so he played by ear by tinkering at the old piano they had when growing up) and neither was I. Poor us. Such deprived childhood. Such unfinished agenda.
We want to learn, for our own good. Maybe, we will never be musical prodigies at this ripe old age but really, that is not the bottomline of inviting music into our lives.
We want to enrich of souls, even if it is just by a little.
Some (readers of this blog can already guess who the usual naysayers are, right?) predict quite a bit of battle of the wills can and will occur in the near future as The Little Girl may refuse to practice, or have anything to do with the big black box with some keys. Maybe she will have two left hands and not be able to differentiate bass from treble.
Ahhh. Que sera sera.

We will still proceed with full confidence and gusto (our "success" as permitted by Allah Almighty in the breastfeeding journey has really changed our perception of negativity and doom into one of possibilities and unimaginable satisfaction from persevering whilst submitting to His will).
Therefore, let's pray that this too, will be a success story milestone in our seemingly insignificant lives. May the world be filled with more peace and love just because we have some music. Amin!
**invoking TigerMum mode, nonetheless**


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