Monday, 12 October 2015

Snippets: Bento Amateur

"Mummy, I never bother looking at school food menu anymore." 

She said that to seal the deal. I now have a new career that calls for assembling breakfast and lunch into kawaii bento after subuh

Unfortunately for her, she forgot her lunch bag (transition from classroom-gym-lunch-vocal studio-home) but she ate most of it on her way home. She was lucky to enjoy the delicious, improved school lunch earlier too!

Here are some of the lessons I have learnt:

1. Whatever items I can prepare the night before, I would. 
This saves me precious time in the morning to have fruits and vegetables all ready in containers and ready to be placed into the lunch bag.

2. If I can load the dishwasher before sending Girl to school, I would. 
Coming home to a clean and empty sink with washed dishes ready to be put away feels productive, and sets me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

3. If I can make a larger portion of her breakfast and lunch so The Other Half and I can have it for our lunch, I would.
Saves effort and time (expenses too!).

4. If I can find and purchase some perfectly matching food containers, I would.
They pack so neatly and do not move much when being carried, resulting in tidy food that is pretty to eat. Presentation is key. 

5. If I can get away with a cold meal, I would.
It is much easier to pack a cold sandwich with fruits and vegetables into a lunch bag with ice-pack than mixing it with a thermos of hot food. Food safety issues is a high priority.

Well, it is akin to preparing sahur meals, I started to console myself. After the trial run last week, I seek for sincerity within my heart and find that it is what motivates me.

Bon appetit, my love. May every bite deliver you His Baraqah. Amin!

P/S: The Other Half recalls all the bento boxes I used to pack for him during our dating days. Egg mayo sandwiches wrapped with hidden love notes and sometimes tied up with big red bow as if it were Valentine's or Christmas. Sweet memories indeed.


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,
    Looks like you are a pro already!! Well done! Your girl is so lucky :)

    So eomantic!- ref to the hidden love notes and red bows ;)

    1. Wa alaikumsalam Puan L,

      I learn a new trick every day :) so far alhamdulillah it is going well.

      The Other Half also remembers my romantic side, which is nice! Must not forget I have that side of me LOL.