Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Incidental Homeschoolers

How are you, my lovelies?

Please pardon my rant of frustration here over the polluted environment blanketing over Malaysia at the moment. I am sorry my sentences start to rhyme, I have been coaching lessons for 5 and 2 year olds for about a week now. Occupation hazard.

The haze has turned our little family into, amongst others, incidental homeschoolers, as both kids are kept indoors. Their worksheets and lessons have been pouring in over the week and it would seem to head for gusto/presto speed now onwards.

Yes, I am now also an official "teacher".

It has been...exhausting. Both of the little ones are happy to have their parents 24/7 but they occasionally go bonkers from being kept indoors for too long. Gosh, even The Other Half and I are getting anxious and claustrophobic from being sealed in.

Further updates as of 22 October 2015:

On top of that, my patience is wearing thin trying to sit Girl down to complete her work when Bean is having his own party playing with toys or watching DVD. This may be premature to conclude, but I can safely assume that I do not make a very suitable candidate as a homeschool teacher. If it weren't for a kind mother of Girl's classmate making the homework checklist today, we would have missed out a few worksheets.

Thankfully, school resumes tomorrow. Alas, not all our worksheets have been perfected. Good news is, Girl is getting her first MacBook Pro because I simply cannot afford to have her hogging my work horse! Double trouble for me as I am back to bento duty too, and Bean decides to stay up late.

I am going to end this vent with a prayer for myself, my family and everyone in general.

May Allah swt deliver us from this misery of haze. Thank You for this opportunity to turn to You for everything. For everything that is going wrong, we acknowledge Your innumerable blessings upon us. Please forgive us our wrongs and sins. May your Hidayah be upon those with the power and authority to do the right thing.



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