Saturday, 3 October 2015

Snippets: Bento Box

Girl put up with "bad" school catering since January 2015. We had asked her to try new tastes (spicy) and textures (oily) but she often just ate plain rice, fruits and not much else. On days when the food is not that spicy, she eats more.

Every car ride on her way home from school will be filled with her witty remarks about her day. Coupled with soft smacking of lips and chewing sounds as she devours her "second lunch" usually consisting of cucumber maki, cut fruits, assorted nuts, sandwiches and a drink. By and by, this 2.10 pm mini meal replaced her school lunch, I suspect.

Last Thursday, she politely requested for bento box with breakfast and lunch from home to be brought to school next week onwards. I guess the rigours of Year 1 demands more food and drinks of her, as 3/5 days of the school week has a sport element to the timetable.

I have seen many kawai bento boxes but never had to create one. Necessity calls for resourcefulness/desperation. Luckily for me, many mothers have posted their experience and skills online for me to emulate.

Lunch boxes, checked!

Accessories, checked! 

Food preparation and packing skills, errrrr. Let's work on this as we go along, OK? Be prepared to witness "failed" bento boxes in weeks to come. I dare not imagine the 6 am disasters I am capable of, just yet.

Rehearsal/food tasting:

Stay tuned, my lovelies! Wish me luck, I will be needing lots of it.


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