Friday, 9 October 2015

Snippets: Bento Trial Week Finalé

"I feel full in my tummy, Mummy!"

So glad she did not feel any hunger during schooling hours. Her diet is now better/more balanced and the best part is her mood has improved too. 

The amount of food she consumes after school during car ride home is reducing, a good indicator!

Today, I managed to snoop on her during her breakfast, and seeing how proud she was of carrying her lunch bag, cutlery case and water bottle just made my heart swell inside. She washed her hands, sat down and tucked right in. Her discretion to decide which is for breakfast and which is lunch to be eaten later is perfect. No notes, no reminders required although I will throw in a love note here and there for surprise sake.

Syukur alhamdulillah.

I guess I am going to purchase a few more food containers and cooler bags since this is for real. A new career, for me. Almost.

Stonor Mummy and I were just saying we had not imagined in our wildest dreams when we were growing up to be here at the brink of 40, bento-ing for our little ones. At 6 am!!

Life does have a trick or two up its sleeve *wink*


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