Sunday, 9 November 2014

Goldilocks Syndrome

Have you ever been in a "Goldilocks" stage of your hijab journey?

I have, and still do! I do not give up, keen on trying out different headscarf styles occasionally, and of course keep to budget as to what I can experiment with.

For a start, I will share my top 10 headscarf boo boos so that seasoned hijabis out there can "rescue" me. I will not write about abaya, jubah, traditional baju kurung, pants and blouses as it would sound like this post, at least.

1. Too Loose
The headscarf that is too loose annoys me because my hair at my forehead will somehow escape and peek out. Especially after eating, or a session of struggling with an active toddler. Most slip-on express tudung are marked as free size or medium but I know after 5 years plus of buying them, to try them on first. Try to move my jaws and see if it slips down or backwards. Face downwards, turn left, turn right. That weird lady you saw at the tudung shop probably was me!

2. Too Tight
The headscarf that can magically produce migraines within ten minutes of wearing annoys me too. Too tight, and gives me appearance that I just had a facelift. Don't laugh at my feigned surprise expression, I was probably suffering and couldn't wait to hurry home to change into something more comfortable.

3. Too Long
The wrap scarf that goes on. And on. And on. Anything more than 170cm is too long, for me. Too many layers will also mean too warm. Great during winter, just not downtown KL at midday. 

4. Too Short
The wrap that is too short, leaving a chance of nape being exposed, or see through shape of hair bun. Or becomes too tight because I try completing a wrap. The pin then causes a rip and tear at tension site. Sigh. 

5. Too Colourful 
I am not a big fan of gaudy colours so wearing a gift that is too colourful on me for one photo session, then donating the precious gift to someone else, quietly, works for me. Shhh!

6. Too Dark
Black (headscarf) on black (outfit) is my favourite, but I have been told that it is simply too dark. I sometimes offset the darkness: break the monotony with a pair of non-black flats, or carry a non-black arm candy. I really admire those graceful ladies from Middle East who rock this look with the sashay of their lush cotton hijab, abaya and all. 

7. Too thin
Light cotton, nice and cool, perfect for humid country like Malaysia. Not so good when the outline of hair and neck can be seen. Adding the "snowcap" inner then results in the headscarf being too thick and too hot. Catch 22.

8. Too thick 
Opaque is good, but also sometimes too dense, too thick and too hot! Inners and scarves that are too thick block out sound, and you will find me saying, "excuse me?" a little more than usual. I am not hard on hearing, but have admitted to temporary reduced ability to hear well. Are you laughing at me?

9. Too hot
Combination of too long, too thick. Why haven't I learnt?! I wish online shopping sites would list the cotton thread count so that I can gauge how thick an item of clothing is *wishful thinking* the best cotton inner snowcap that has all the features I love comes from Tudung People (have you seen how fast they sell out all colours at every single restock?!). 

10. Too static
Polyester rayon, viscose, poly blend are all no-go for me. Zap! Zap! I envy those who can wear those materials because they layer so well, and light to pack!

Well, I keep the faith that I will someday be completely comfortable, suitably dressed and totally shariah-compliant. Until then, I will keep trying! As long as my heart and intention are all in the right places, I know I can ace this, Amin! This is my test, this is my test.

Please do share your favourite headscarf wearing style, material and source, my lovelies! 


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