Monday, 17 November 2014

Sleep Tight, Baby

Bean's cot at The House has been handed down to a dear friend's soon-to-arrive second son, alhamdulillah. Time has really flown by since we were told of their happy news. 

Is it true that another woman's 40 weeks always seem faster than own pregnancy? Illusion? My first pregnancy felt like forever even though The Little Girl arrived at 36 weeks. Bean stayed for 37 weeks 3 days but it felt as quick as a flash! I guess it had to do with not knowing what to expect during my first pregnancy, and then being more comfortable and somewhat more experienced the second time.

Anyway, we pass on love, comfort and friendship through this cot. Sleep tight, the bed bugs won't bite (there aren't any bed bugs!!). We feel the tradition of passing down and sharing baby products  and furniture is a fine one as our sentimental stuff from The Little Girl went to this same friend's first son, and now Bean is keeping our little tradition alive with her second son. The timing is perfect.

We wish you a very safe delivery, hopefully VBAC, and speedy recovery with enjoyable confinement and traditional massages, JC!


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