Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Gratitude: Name Change

Today, I am thankful for my Islam name.

When I reverted to Islam, I was advised to pick a suitable and meaningful first name, and to keep the rest of my name as it is. I have been told that on Judgment Day, I will be called by my Muslim name, so it would make a lot of sense to choose a beautiful and meaningful name to last me, literally, forever.

Consequentially, after much thought, my name consists of my Islam name + my birth name. It did not look "Islam enough" although those who know me would know that my Islam name is the Arabic version of my previous Christian name. Essentially, I have the same name and it did not cause me any discomfort or major adjustment. It is beautiful and meaningful.

The paperwork and procedures were relatively easy although slightly time consuming. Over the years, only one foreign bank refuses to this day to effect my name change and I still wonder why. 

Well, "Abdullah" portion to a Muslim revert's name is not compulsory, as some have been ill-informed. There is no compulsion in Islam and that is why Islam is beautiful to me. 

More than five years have passed and I have grown more and more accustomed to this way life. It has not magically happened overnight, but one that is slow and gradually faith increasing. One of the things I have discovered is the meaning of "Abdullah", The pure and simple meaning of "servant of Allah" is so captivatingly wholesome and meaningful I now wish I had added that to my name. 

However, joy does come in unexpected forms. There is one person who has always addressed me on letters with "Abdullah" and she is a cousin of The Other Half. She is so gorgeous inside out, a wonderful and devoted wife, a loving and dedicated mother to three boys and every single of her status update or sharing on Facebook is dakwah related. I am so blessed to have her as my walking and talking Ustazah, always one message or phone call away.

Kakak, thank you! May Allah swt bless you abundantly and increase your vitality for always spreading and doing good deeds, Amin!


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