Friday, 14 November 2014

Speedy Indeedy Meal: Aglio Olio

We were pressed for time to serve dinner on time tonight. That meant falling back on this classic favourite; quick preparation, fast to cook, good to eat *humming Maggi commercial jingle*

I replaced spaghetti with spagettini as thinner pasta boils to al dente texture much faster.  No genius there! 

The chopped garlic, chopped onions, calamari rings, peeled shrimps, broccoli were stir fried briefly with just olive oil. 

I then tossed drained spagettini with some extra virgin olive oil and added "topping" of choice before serving "customised" platters.

Bean's portion did not have calamari rings, chilli flakes and pepper in them (see photo). He tasted his sweet basil garnish and spat it after a chew cud expression, too cute! I have always admired his courage to try new tastes.

The Little Girl had hers with calamari without shrimp, chilli flakes and pepper. Her verdict of her sweet basil garnish is "leave it aside next time". Very honest!

The Other Half and I had ours with the whole lot, garnished with fresh sweet basil, as we are relatively easy to please folks.

Bonus: longer evening routine for the kids as the dishwasher took care of the pots and pans, dishes and cutlery. 

Ultra bonus: we ate a simple home-cooked meal on a Friday evening watching the traffic outside crawl in a sea of brake red lights in the rain. I wish everyone a safe journey home, and a huge part of me was so grateful for being home with my family.

Burp, alhamdulillah!

Note: I know broccoli is not an aglio olio ingredient. I was just being too lazy and tired to cook it separately. 


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