Saturday, 1 November 2014

Gratitude: Faith

Today, I am thankful for having Allah swt with my family.

Before marriage, I was the most selfish person I know. I clocked 12 hours daily on average, including most weekends. It was an empty life devoid of love, compassion, tolerance, mercy and all the other great qualities in life. 

What was void, I overfilled with busyness of meetings, transactions, work travels, personal hobbies and shopping. I pretended to live. 

When meetings were over, work was done, travels completed, and I arrived home late at night to an empty flat, emptiness was waiting for me.

It was a lonely place.

It was a dark place.

But I survived. I merely existed because I was curious enough to search for the way out towards Light, and perhaps Love.

Finally, one day, I truly looked for life. Meaning of life. Source of life. Owner of life. Life and everything within. Life before life. Life as I know it. Life after life.

The answer, was Allah swt.

The answers to all my questions, were in The Holy Quran. 


Thank You for showing me The Straight Path. Please keep me true and close to You. Amin.

If you are on your search for faith journey, I wish you my very best. May Allah swt send you Taufiq Hidayah and Ease. Amin.


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