Friday, 19 December 2014

The Little Red Cube at Puteri Harbour

1. Hello Kitty Town

2. The Little Big Club hosted the following:
PinguBob The Builder
Angelina Ballerina
Thomas The Train
Barney And Friends

We purchased the Two Clubs Entry tickets. The Little Girl and I had both watched enough episodes (between 2010 and 2013) of those characters above to appreciate what Little Big Club has to offer. 

The Other Half and Bean were less excited, and I do not blame them. I was a big fan of Hello Kitty during my primary school days and it was exclusive back then because I could only purchase them from Melbourne and everything was "Made in Japan". 

Surprisingly, my excitement level during this visit was zero. I wonder what had gotten into me? Overdose of Hello Kitty from Akemi and Isetan KLCC? The Little Girl enjoyed the spinning tea cups ride though, while I got dizzy from all that loud music and spinning. Let's admit it: I am aging!

The Little Big Club felt like a fun-fair/indoor playground within an office block, in my humble opinion. We were offered a 10% discount for the entrance fees by showing our Legoland tickets from the previous day. Luckily for us, I only had to give the Legoland reference numbers as per email as I had not brought along the used and discarded printed tickets. 

I found the Hello Kitty Town displays a little too crowded, as Hello Kitty fans were quite kiasu that day. Some of the adults were oblivious to younger persons around and in the queue, so quite a few handbags and elbows were accidentally shoved into The Little Girl's face. Luckily there was no injuries (otherwise enraged mum would have made it to headlines albeit not for good reason!).

However, The Little Girl, being 4 going on 5, loved the rides on the top floor where Thomas and Friends are featured to bits! Bean is too young to play in most areas and spent majority of his time squirming to be set free or waving at The Other Half who had taken The Little Girl on one of the rides.

The Barney and Friends musical made The Little Girl's day. We ended the visit with lunch at Trader's Hotel. The walk along the promenade outdoors felt a little like walking along Publika on a weekend. 

We did not redeem our free drink offer from Lat's Place as The Other Half was not keen on spending another minute there (he was bored silly and super exhausted from having to wrestle Bean, who prefers to toddle and turns 360 degrees to be let loose). 

Our Garmin charted only the pre-construction routes so we had a minor detour when arriving and departing. Other than that, the Doubletree JB-The Puteri Harbour-Johor Premium Outlet-Doubletree JB drives were smooth, syukur alhamdulillah!


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