Friday, 26 December 2014


Be still, my heart!

I swing from "yes, go back to work" to "no, the kids need you at home". It never has been this strong before so I now realise the real conflict of desire versus duty. 

Praying for answers is the best I can do, while updating my LinkedIn and CV. This time, I will not take opportunities for granted. I also pray that I won't have to pay the "diaper penalty" for having sat out for 5 years.

In coping, or in preparation, we are writing a home operations manual in SOP style, together with timelines for each child, accounting for school runs, after-school worksheets, piano practice, dinner rotation and just about 1001 other tasks.

Besides, perusing the pros and cons list certainly help my feet to stay grounded. That appears to be my "hujah-hujah bertulis" when asking for blessings from my PIL.

Just when I am being content as a work from home mum, this new test/opportunity is presented to me. Allah swt never stops making us stronger and challenge us to the best version of ourselves, in my humble opinion.

*Note to self poster*

How do you working mums balance this? How do you ace it all? Please share, my lovelies! You really, really have my utmost respect!!

P/S: Pendulum will stop in the middle, as gravity dictates. Hopefully, that represents the balanced answer to questions I am seeking.


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