Monday, 15 December 2014

If I Were My Own Bibik

...I would have quit!

Here are the reasons why:
1. Dust
The amount of dust in this city is ridiculous. Windows and curtains have to cleaned so often, not your typical once weekly. An hour after wiping down the piano, you can see a layer of dust again.

2. Open Windows
No open windows, no fresh air. See above.

3. Dryer 
Emits more fine particles of No. 1 indoors. In spite of filters! Bibik just wishes for a lawn with lines, pegs and sunshine to dry the laundry and save on electricity bills.

4. Kitchen Sinks
The sinks are too small, and are always full. The original interior designers have not accounted for real cooking, juicing and baking so space is really tight and the small kitchen sinks are not helping. The dishwasher is often full and operating.

5. Ironing
Must everything be ironed, especially kitchen linen? Tea towels? Luckily, there is no need to iron socks!

6. 4 Bathrooms
Means 4 Bathrooms to scrub on weekly basis, on top of the daily "someone is visiting us in 10 minutes" panic-cleaning-mode. Grout filled with dirt is sure to send Ma'am bonkers. She can be seen reading Wikihow on topics like "how to clean grout" and "how to whiten grout", shamelessly.

7. Post-holiday laundry
Not just of clothes but change of sheets, blankets, floor mats, towels etc upon return. The laundry area looks like a launderette doing great business!

Note: Bibik may quit, but Ma'am/Wife/Mum isn't able to, so she, the latter, soldiers on and tries her best and lovingly on a daily basis to keep The Flat in clean, working order. Motto: one day at a time. 

(Our search for a suitable Bibik has been called off on humanitarian grounds. The Flat has no inhabitable space left, and renovation is not possible at present moment).



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