Sunday, 21 December 2014


Tired all the time.

So it turns out that my prolonged disturbed sleep pattern may be the possible cause of this condition. It is a huge relief to know there are no other serious medical conditions, such as diabetes (because I also feel thirsty all the time, thanks to breastfeeding).

I have not slept through the night since 28 March 2010, the night before The Little Girl was born. If you count the broken sleep to include pregnancy days, then I can tell you it is since August 2009. 

No wonder I look forward to the day Bean is fully-weaned and possibly, in sha Allah, I can regain proper sleep cycle.

TATT it is for now. Oh, bottles of water at my bedside, but of course.

Good night!

P/S: Please ask for a blood test to screen for diabetes, coeliac disease, anaemia, under-active thyroid if you feel TATT. It can save you, or improve quality of your life!


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