Monday, 29 December 2014

Our Only Girl

The Little Girl is 4 year and 9 months today. I spent some time reading with her then laid down next to her to lull her to sleep in her own room this evening. 

She has had a momentous 2014. Commedably, she went cold turkey when she quit her bottle with teat. It was 1L of Delamere's Goats Milk per day costing us RM18 per litre, so the dent in our groceries bill was relatively deep. Lately, she drinks from a glass bottle using a straw and feels full after 250 ml before going to brush her teeth for the night. On some nights, she would be happy with just some water. 

Her breathing and snoring gently snapped me out of my gratitude counting . I gingerly stepped away to the home office and flipped through her books for The Big School. 

Looks like I may have to wrap the books up, write her name on them and consider washing her canvas shoes before January creeps up on me. We haven't even purchased her school bag owing to a disagreement between her and The Other Half. She wants a Frozen design while he prefers anything but Frozen. It can be cute when they argue like this. 

She is our only girl (and strangely I only just come to realise that I am her only mum, who deserves being with her to nurture and give her the best of me).

Time flies. May The Little Girl continue to receive all His Blessings, Protection and Guidance. Amin!

An update: 

The Little Girl 1: The Other Half 0


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