Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Winter Solstice

Yesterday marked the winter solstice for 2014. We celebrated with a simple dinner at Umaiya.
2014 had been somewhat tough for my little family and we hope Allah swt will send us some ease, stamina and courage for 2015. Amin to this little supplication!
Sure, we have a lot to be thankful for in 2014 and yet some external impact like MH370 and MH17, have touched us more deeply than we thought possible. The heart feels what it feels.
We still have a week plus to end 2014 and mentally, I am already in 2015 zone; so you can guess how much I want 2014 to be over and done with. Yes, denial mode to blind me over the remaining few days.
Distraction works too. Well, I started by spring cleaning. 3 years worth of arts and crafts, doodle scraps, half-finished projects, bits and bobs were either thrown, recycled or donated. 
It is difficult to decide which piece of art is to stay and which is to go, of course, until you meet my "inner domestic diva". She is one efficient cleaning machine with a bit of heart (heart that says let's snap a photo of this masterpiece then discard it!). If I had more time on my hand, I would have scanned all the flat A4 scribbles before recycling them. 
After this, the store room may be restored to working order. 

Next up, toys and clothes! We have already separated them into bags to be handed over to different friends, so going-a-calling we will.

Sure feels like I am braver to take on 2015 now *sigh of relief*
Goodbye, 2014!


  1. If you ever face difficulty in deciding to keep or give/throw away things, may I suggest the KonMari method. Hold the item in your hands and ask yourself "Does this spark joy?". If it does, keep it. If it doesn't, thank your belonging for its time and role it played in your life then discard.

    I recently decided to live minimally and stumbled upon Marie Kondo's book while browsing through books in Kinokuniya (the Law of Attraction in play?). My husband and I applied her method and managed to discard 3/4th of our clothes resulting in more cupboard space for other meaningful belongings which translated to more floor space. Not to mention plenty of mint condition clothes for donation!

    1. “It is the place where we appreciate all the things that support us. It is where we review and rethink about ourselves.”

  2. I totally get Marie Kondo (and your perspective, Liyana!)

    Proud to update that the arts and craft, toys and clothing that remain are all items that spark joy!