Thursday, 11 December 2014

Last Minute Plans

The week is whizzing past a tad too quickly, my lovelies.

Well, it looks like Allah swt is blessing us with a short getaway to the southern tip of our country where more interlocking plastic bricks and discounted/end of season/especially-produced-for-premium-outlets goods can be purchased.

You must already know how much my little family loves designer outlets from reading about our 3x visits in York last summer? Alhamdulillah children are growing and outgrowing their stash of "stock". I hope JPO has enough rides and playground to occupy them while I get to "work".

This mini getaway is a last minute decision. We were pleasantly surprised that The Big School has complete sets of books, uniforms and sports attire so after the visit on Wednesday this week, we need not visit until next year when the academic year starts for The Little Girl. Alhamdulillah for this ease! We have canvas shoes, liquid chalk to whiten canvas shoes and socks too. All that is left to hunt down is a few pairs of black tights.

As usual, our hotel bookings and theme park tickets were completed online (what isn't these days? I wonder if agents still have much to do?). 

I still wish The Other Half would agree to bring along the car registration card and our passports so that we can drive across the Second Link. I have between now and our departure time to convince him. Impromptu drives? Knowing that shops are aplenty along Orchard? The Other Half smells a rat! He would rather spend RM than SGD considering how weak the RM is at the moment. Such loyal subjects we are.

Having said that, I know he has a good head on his shoulders. After all he appointed me as the chief holiday planner and chief luggage packer (I am not printing a list this time, just to try packing for 4D3N by memory). This is a lifetime irrevocable designation. I have my job cut out for me *unless I forget to pack stuff due to laziness and not printing the packing list*

Happy blessed holidays, my lovelies! 


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