Saturday, 29 November 2014

Innara Classic Inner by Sugarscarf

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

My search for the perfect cotton inner has ended and I would like to thank a very kind reader who left a fantastic suggestion in the comment box the other day. Thank you!

Knowing me, no static electricity is already a big win but here are other reasons why I am going to purchase these gems in all colours:

The cotton material is soft and keeps me cool. 

The neck cover can be tucked under shirts for total cover.

The elastic gather at the back approximately where the hair bun ends allows for stretch and easy wearing; and removal without causing the hair bun to unravel. Goodbye ripped inners without elastic bands!

The choice of colours available is a dream come true. If only my favourite colours aren't already sold out. 

The cotton material washes well without too much wrinkling so light ironing is an option.

I feel a little bit like a girl let loose in a candy store. Hang on, Sugarscarf is a candy store! 

*thumbs up!*

To be fair, there is only one small feature that I do not like so much and that is the RM7 Poslaju cost. In this day and age of online shopping, postage is nearly always free, so I was quite surprised. Oh well, what choice do I have? RM7 for convenience! Still, it would be nice for the store to eventually offer free delivery, may I say Amin to this wish?

Happy shopping, my lovelies! Or rather, happy shopping to me. I bet I am the last person to discover this lovely product and brand. 


  1. u can opt for madison from sugarscarf also..
    i am a revert finding a perfect hijab is a big deal to me..hehe
    i recently bought instant hijab from neelofar..very comfy and cheaper that sugarscarf...

    1. Assalamualaikum sister Nur Aqila Tan, thank you for your kind suggestions. Will try them out!