Friday, 7 November 2014


The above happened. 

Two hours later, my entire wardrobe had undergone "goodbye chiffon, goodbye viscose, goodbye rayon, goodbye polyester" spring cleaning. Naturally, a wish list for new cotton items emerged. I am one of those people who have high static charge and polyester clothing always "zaps" my skin. 

I have tried increasing humidity in The Flat, open the windows for fresh air, use cotton inners and so far, almost all my attempts have failed. Wits end as to how to reduce static electricity in me!

If you know of any reliably good cut and quality Muslimah cotton abaya, shirt, pants and instant shawl, please drop me a comment. Thank you!


  1. I also do my budget for my scholarship money. To make sure it is used wisely :)

  2. Especially scholarship funds! The Amanah that comes with it, and I wish you every ease and comfort in your chosen path!